How it works

12 Week Challenge

We have created a 12 week challenge, as this is the perfect amount of time to make significant improvements to your day to day life. You will feel the difference after a few days, and see the difference not much longer after that. Daily exercise and healthy eating will offer only positive effects on your life.

Training Sessions

You can expect to be challenged and to work hard. You can expect to be sore. You can expect to sweat a lot. You can expect to lose body fat and tone up. The Challenge offers sessions that feature cardio, boxing, circuit training, weights, team building exercises and more. All muscles groups are tended to and each session will be a full body workout.


Every member receives the ‘Clean Eating Guidelines’ for free when they sign up for the challenge. This provide all the tips and guidelines you need to make the right choices when it comes to food. It includes eating guidelines as well as tips and tricks, exercise recommendations, recipes and recommendations from nutritionists.

Support & Accountability

Good support is a necessity if you want to make progress in your fitness goals. And not only will you get support and motivation from your trainers, but you’ll connect and grow with the other members as well, both during training sessions and on the ‘members-only’ forum.

Team Environment

Being surrounded by like minded girls will not only give you an extra boost of motivation and support, we foster a team environment with all our members and trainers. In some cases you will be seeing these girls almost every day of the week and bonding over common goals and achievements; you can’t help but form close bonds!

Proven Results

Thousands of girls have already taken part in my 12 week challenges and completely transformed their bodies and their lives! You don’t have to take my word for it though. Just check out their inspiring ‘before and after’ pictures and read what they have to say about my program for yourself on our Facebook page and website.

Who is Ashy Bines?